We truly value our patients' experience at Tokar Family Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient in our office, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Yours in Health,

Dr. Carly Tokar
Your Plantation Family Chiropractor


"Dr. Tokar and her office and staff and incredible. They have truly saved my life! I have been battling pain and addiction for over a decade and I finally feel like a human being again. I have a chance to live my life and actually enjoy it. Thank you Dr. Tokar!" -J.D.

"Before meeting Dr. Tokar, I was a chiropractic skeptic... but after she began to see my now 21 month old son I have seen some amazing improvement in his neck muscle condition, torticollis. He is sleeping better and overall seems to be developing well. I also started to see Dr. Tokar as I suffer from migraines and since being adjusted, I have not had a single migraine headache! We are so thrilled with her care, love and attention to us as patients and would highly recommend Tokar Family Chiropractic to anyone looking to feel better and stay healthy!" -A.C.

"Before I began seeing Dr. Tokar, I was very nervous and was not very convinced that I could benefit from chiropractic care.  On my first visit, Dr. Tokar took records and listened to my concerns.  She explained how being adjusted could not only address my discomfort but also improve my overall health. I was impressed with her ability to identify my problems and help correct them with gentle adjustments.  I am happy with my decision to trust Dr. Tokar to put me at ease and show me a natural way to improve my health! Thank you!" -H.F.

“As a tattooer, headaches and back and neck pain were part of my every day life. My only source of relief has been advil or tylenol, and I would need to take them all day long… until I met Dr. Tokar! Dr. Tokar gave me a complete examination and discussed a variety of treatment options with me! I cannot believe how amazing I feel now! I have no headaches, no back or neck pain, and I sleep so much better. I get adjusted regularly and do not know how I survived without Dr. Tokar!” -E.R.

“Dr. Tokar has been absolutely wonderful with my one year old son. She has done wonders for his torticollis and is a natural with making him feel comfortable. He actually laughs when she adjusts him! We have seen more results after only a few sessions than we saw in months of physical therapy. My husband and I really appreciate her taking the time to explain everything that she is doing. In fact, we are so impressed that both my husband and I are now coming in for adjustments ourselves! We are so thankful that we’ve found her and highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in their overall health and well-being!” -K.L.

“I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Carly Tokar from Tokar Family Chiropractic!!! She is truly amazing… every week she gives me such an wonderful & professional experience! I walk out with a hop in my step & feeling great! Thank you for relieving my pain!” -B.B.

“Being an avid golfer, I’ve always shot my best rounds after a Dr. Tokar adjustment! Sure enough, today, I won our Member-Member tournament and played outstanding, with an adjustment the evening prior! Thank you!!!” -B.G.

“I have noticed a big improvement in my health as well as my one year old’s health since we started coming to Dr. Tokar. My son is sleeping better, less constipated, and just a happier little guy. I was so happy with his improvements that I started seeing Dr. Tokar myself and couldn’t be happier! I am no longer having TMJ issues or migraines. I am so happy we decided to come to Dr. Tokar!” -L.S.

“Dr. Carly is awesome! She is not like other doctors that do not pay attention to me, she explains everything she does and gives me advice on how to do things better. She makes me feel relaxed and from the first time or two (I got adjusted), I noticed my posture improved immediately. Now, during my long days of sitting at school, my back doesn’t hurt anymore. I always look forward to my weekly visits with her and if it was up to me, I would go every day! Plus, her baby is super cute! Dr Carly is the best!” -Nick I. (age 14)

“Today I experienced, for my first time, an adjustment. I feel renewed, well-balanced, and recharged. Dr. Tokar, thank you for the wonderful experience!” -Michael I.

“At my last OB appointment, I found out that my baby turned head down! She had been stuck in breech position for weeks with no movement whatsoever. Whatever you did worked! Thanks!” -Krista A.

“My husband and I both saw Dr. Tokar before becoming pregnant with our son, Taiko. I began seeing Dr. Carly early on in the pregnancy for lower back pain, uncomfortable hips, and other aches and pains. I was pleased to learn that has I began to grow, her chiropractic tables accommodated my ever increasing size, allowing for me to lie on my tummy without worrying about crushing the baby.  She took the time before each session to ask me specifically what I was feeling, what my body was going through, etc and then explained to me what was likely causing these issues. With a gentle approach, she would begin treatment, sometimes allowing me to just lie on my tummy on the chiropractic table so I could relax and relieve some of the pressure in my lower back (especially as the pregnancy progressed). In addition to the physical relief, I would notice that some of the indigestion & gas associated with eating & pregnancy would dissipate or be so minimal that it would go unnoticed after treatments.

During the last part of my pregnancy, I was so uncomfortable and although the option to “induce” was available, it was not the natural approach we were wanting, so I would drive to see her as much as possible searching for comfort in my own skin. When I was 10 days past my due date (anxious, miserable, and ready for him to get out – lol), I went to her asking if there was anything she could do to help speed up the process – not thinking that there would be much. She adjusted me, it felt a little different this time, and she placed an ice pack on my lower back, turned off the lights, and let me rest for a little bit. Those 10 minutes were the most relaxing minutes I had experienced in months. I left her office to grab dinner and go home – feeling a little different than usual. Once I got home I began to notice contractions and a few hours later, our Taiko Sol had arrived. A non-medicated, natural, complication-free water birth!

Dr. Carly came and visited us in the hospital and then made a home visit when Taiko was a week or so old to do his first adjustment.
I am grateful for her time, compassion, care & gentle healing touch. At that last appt, I had no idea that those moments of rest after treatment were leading up to the birth of our son. I only wished I lived closer to Dr. Tokar, as my body craves the release that her chiropractic treatments provide.”

-Kimmy K.

“I have been seeing Dr. Tokar now for a while, and must say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! She is professional, caring, and really takes the time to explain everything to you. I was suffering from frequent migraines, many restless nights, and numbness throughout certain fingers/toes! Since I’ve started with Dr. Tokar, I no longer have numbness, I sleep through the night, and my migraines are almost completely gone! Knowing that I was a teacher, she even gave me some fun tricks to teach my kids to boost their attention and focus! I was skeptical about going to a chiropractor at first, but Dr. Tokar has made me a believer!” -Stacey H.

“I must say how pleased and happy I am with my wonderful experience with Dr. Carly. I have two babies and I have been trying for a while to make my way over to see her to get an adjustment. I finally found the time and felt amazing afterwards. Dr. Carly was professional, caring and made me feel like a new women. Seeing Dr. Carly on a regular basis will become part of my routine to better my life. For that I’m truly thankful and grateful to Dr. Tokar!” -Krystal I.

“Dr. Tokar saw my 14 year son today. Not only did she take her time to explain how his spine ties into his health, her kind-hearted nature left quite the impression on him. He immediately became aware of his posture (though I know bad habits take time to break) and he willing and independently read through the educational material that was given to him and is stoked for his next appointment. I look forward to the progress and the knowing that I am making a difference in his future health, today, is priceless. Dr. Tokar is the best!” -Dawna I.

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